A ghostly blurred figure in front of the reflection of a window

Still from [on becoming a ghost…], 2022

alabamathirteen is an artist based between Leeds and Wakefield, working predominantly with photographic processes, embroidery, video and sound. 
Central to their practice is an exploration of how we exist in our bodies, spaces and places, questioning who gets to take up the most space and whose voices get to be heard the loudest, drawing particularly on their complex relationship with the outside world as a disabled, neurodivergent, working class woman.
alabamathirteen had a solo exhibition at The Art House in Wakefield in 2022, following a residency there in 2021. They were awarded a PANIC! Bursary from The Tetley and a Develop Your Creative Practice award from Arts Council England in 2021, and selected for the Yorkshire Sculpture International Sculpture Network in 2022. They are on the board of trustees at Shape Arts and The Tetley. They are also a founding member of DISrupt, a collective of disabled artists in Leeds.
"Somehow I went from thinking about making a short artist film about mental health to developing an entire mini film festival! I am so grateful to Damon at The Art House and Will at Pavilion for enabling my wild ideas, plus special mention to Jane Stockdale, curator at the Mental Health Museum in Wakefield for all our deep conversations that sparked it all. 
I am really looking forward to working with the other commissioned artists to develop our films. I also hope that everyone will support our #WhatSupWakefield engagement programme too. As a disabled artist who still can’t do in real life stuff, its really vital to me that I can get the public involved in my work in new and exciting ways, especially when it comes to talking about the important stuff like mental health, isolation and loneliness."

Image description: a blurred greyscale image of the reflection of light from a window with a ghostly shadow of a figure to the right of the frame.
website: michelleduxbury.studio
instagram: @alabamathirteen
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